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Check out the beautiful lakes of Bhopal

If you are planning a trip to Bhopal, one information is given to you from before. You sure are going to flabbergast witnessing the picturesque view of the lakes of Bhopal. There are more than 17 lakes in the Bhopal city itself. This is why Bhopal is famously known as the ‘City of Lakes’. 

Book hotels in Bhopal India for your stay at this beautiful city. The city has been serving as a major tour destination for so many years that it remains crowded by the tourists all the year round. Therefore, it is advisable you book your hotel beforehand for your accommodation. Once you are in Bhopal, check out these beautiful lakes of this city. Give it a read.

  • Upper Lake: The famous Upper Lake is the oldest manmade lake of the whole state of Madhya Pradesh. This lake was built by the former ruler of Bhopal, Raja Bhoj. Built on the river Kolas, the amazing and breathtaking beauty of this lake is so charming that you will fall in love with this lake the moment you witness it. There is a beautiful garden named Kamla Gardens which is located just beside Upper Lake. Do check out the moment of sunset from this garden at the banks of Upper Lake.
  • Lower Lake: Right beside Upper Lake is located the Lower Lake. This lake was built much later and is famous for the water sports which the tourists can avail easily if they ant. There is an island in the middle of the Lower Lake and you can actually reach there by boating. Check out this lake in order to stay amazed!
  • Kaliasot Dam: This is another famous lake of Bhopal which is situated at the outskirts of Bhopal city. Check out the dense greenery surrounding this lake. Wild animals often come to this lake to drink water and this lake had made headlines few years back because the tigers were seen around this lake. Do visit this lake and get enchanted with the tranquil environment of this place.
  • Sarangpani Lake: This is another lake which is located inside the Bhopal city. This lake is famous for the beautiful garden which surrounds it. Tourists often enjoy the view of the sunset and sunrise from the banks of this lake. If you want, you can also enjoy boating in this lake.
  • Shahpura Lake: Near Janki Nagar, is located another beautiful lake named Shahpura Lake. This lake is a beautiful one and is big enough to make you come back to this place time and again. Though situated right at the heart of the city, the perfect synchronization of the natural beauty of this lake with the urban buildings around it will sooth your mind. Most of the lakes of Bhopal are properly taken of and that is why the tourists get to make the most out of the lakes of Bhopal.
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The stone that can bring changes

In this age of science and technology, if someone says that stones can change one’s fortune people will surely not believe him. But miracles do happen. There are many precious and semi-precious gemstones as per the Vedic astrology that are capable of changing the fortunes of the wearer. That is the reasons why the experts in this field recommend different people to wear different stones. As per the Hindu religious books, the human body is made of five elements, and one of these elements is earth. Hence, these stones can bring some changes in the life of the wearer which can prove beneficial to the wearer. 

The Blue Sapphire: 

This stone is also known as Neelam, and it represents the Planet Saturn. In the Vedi Astrology, the Saturn is known as Shani, which the Lord of judgment and hence offer the result of one’s Karma. This stone is known for its fast effect on the mind and the body of the wearer. Hence it is important that one consult an expert before wearing the stone else it can create negative effects also. This stone is commonly worn in the ring made of five metals or Silver as well as Gold. One needs to wear the stone with the weight of 5.25 ratti and in the middle finger on any Saturday. Before wearing the ring, one needs to perform Puja of the same also. Usually, people wear it in ring else one can wear the same as a pendant or a bracelet also. The blue sapphire stone price varies as per the weight and quality of the stone. 

The Moonga Stone: 

This stone is also known as Pravel, and it is available in red color. Hence it resembles the Planet Mars, which is also known as the fastest planet. This planet is more connected with the land as well as electricity, and hence those who deal with these fields must wear this stone. This stone helps one to purify the blood and boost the immune system. Those who struggle with property cases and future, as well as unstable situations, can also get benefited after wearing this stone. 

One needs to ask an expert about the planetary position of Mars in his horoscope and if the expert recommends should go for this stone. One needs to have the stone of minimum 5.25 ratti in weight and fix it in a ring to wear and get the benefits. The ring must be made of either Gold or Silver or eight metals. One can wear it in a ring or even a pendant or a bracelet form. There are different quality stones available in the market, and one needs to get it from a vendor who is trustworthy enough as a fake stone cannot offer any benefit. The Moonga Gemstone needs to be wornon the ring finger and the best day to wear it is Tuesday. One needs to perform a Puja of the stone before wearing the same so that one can have expected result.

Car Insurance – Made Easy

Is your car insured? Are you looking for getting your car insured? Are you afraid that something might happen to your precious car? If so why not safeguard it against any harm or day to day worries by getting an authentic car insurance. It is just the same as buying you a new car and checking whether the prices match the models as well as performance of it. Here you look out for quotes for car insurance and go for the best one. Finding optimum car insurance at reasonable prices is an uphill task and requires determination as well as thorough market research.
However there are numerous insurance companies that strive for providing best quality insurance at low costs. But here one thing should be kept in mind that cheap doesn’t mean that you have done yourself hefty car insurance. Most of the time, a cheaper auto insurance costs you much more in a long run. So look out for the cons in insurance sector and get yourself some handsome and highly appreciable vehicle insurance so, that you can enjoy the best out off insurance. 
Also while buying a nice car which is an eye catcher makes it susceptible to be stolen or snatched right before your eyes. So can you do about any of these horrific situations? Yes, you can by providing your dream car with insurance after getting quotes for car insurance. Auto insurance is a must and provides you a sound guarantee against any catastrophe and/or mishap. Moreover it is possible that you might have more than one car. So what to do about it? Well, simply get your cars insured that’s all. By applying for insurance of multiple cars, you can get lower quotes for car insurance and at ease.
Now another question can be also be bothering you which is, how can you get reduced quotes for car insurance? Well, it’s simple but somewhat requires tedious efforts. First of all, what you have to do is to conduct a market survey and gather some information about various packages, terms and conditions and most importantly quotes that the insurance companies are offering you. After in-depth analyses and some brain storming you are good to go and make the choice of your lifetime. However there are other factors also that impact the insurance policies. One of them is the condition of your vehicle. No one wants to claim the car if it is not physically or aesthetically sounds. This sometimes lowers the insurance money at the end. Another important factor is that if you are going to get some insurance of your car then you should have a clean track record. It means that you must not be nominated for any incidents; like, running over the red lights, part of any sort of road accident and/or any other violent act.
Having your car insured can be easily done if done properly. Nonetheless, there are various key factors that can get your car insured as much as you like but they require some efforts. Buying a new car is one thing and getting it insured is another. So whenever you have a car at hand, it is wise to get it insured by a proficient and trustworthy insurance company that can not only respect your needs but also your car.
This blog post is written on behalf of leading insurance brokers in Dubai