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About Indian Trust registration

In India, registering for Trust for non-profit is quite popular. It is possible to form Trust with 2+ people for any social cause. 

About Trust Registration
The Indian Trust Act governs and registers Trusts in the country. It is considered to be a financial vehicle to transfer property to trust from owner for lawful purpose. Generally, the term trust is heard for religion purpose. But no such restriction is present. Even sports academies get registered as trusts.

Few societies get registered as public trust. The wealthy often create private trusts to enjoy the trust’s tax efficient nature (not applying of minimum alternate tax or dividend distribution tax). Transfer is much easier than creation of will. But writing a will definitely involves more effort than trust registration in India.

Necessary documents for Trust registration

  • Trustee details like Occupation, Name, Address, Father’s Name, Age, Contact Number, Designation, Two photograph and email address is to be provided. 
  • Required Settler and Trustee Address Proof: Passport, Driving License, Voter ID.
  • House Tax Receipt, Electricity Bill, Ownership Property proof or Water bill receipt required. 
  • For rented office, the rent deed needs to be duly notarized with proper rent receipt and the Landlord is to provide NOC form on ten rupees stamp paper. It should have the landlord’s name, residence address and father’s name. 
  • During registration, Settlers /all will be required to be present physically with original ID.
  • Two witnesses needs to be present physically during registration time with original ID proof. 

What are the steps involved in new trust registration

Trust Deed preparation: The very first step will to draft the new Trust need. Although not non-mandatory, it is desired and enforced by law. Following details are to be mentioned within the Deed:
  • Settler (The person establishing the Trust) name & address
  • Other trustee/s name and address
  • Trust name (minimum three preferences is to be provided)
  • Trustee numbers (Maximum and Minimum)
  • Registered trust office address
  • Trust rules & regulations

Who are parties to this Trust: The trust is formed by three parties.

Trust author/applicant: Author is considered to be the person declaring Trust confidence. The author’s name and address is mentioned within the Deed. 

Member/Trustee details: Trustee is not to be any minor but of sound mind frame. Members/Trustees full name, occupation, age, designations and address need to be clearly mentioned. 

Trust beneficiary: It is the person who is to benefit with the trust formation. Generally, the beneficiary is the public at large or the Author himself. 

Trust objectives: It is only for charitable purpose that trust could be formed. The trust’s detailed objective is to be 

Subject matter: The trust’s subject matter is regarded to be the property due to which there has been creation of the trust. Subject matter needs to be clearly defined, while trust property is to be capable enough of disposition, so as to form a valid trust. 

One can take help of the industry experts to register a trust.

The essentiality of servicing your RO system

What would happen if you do not service any kind of system? Then but of course it would not function in a proper way after a certain period of time. Same goes for the RO system as well. If proper care of it is not taken, then there would be no point in having the water purification system it that negates the whole point of having the system in first place. The lack of service would lead to the accumulation of the sediments and dirt and then soon it can start getting in the way of the water flow, and that would negate the whole point of having a filtration system.

The service overview

Customer service is not just one of the services that a company offers but it is more like an extension of the company motto and is one of the most integral parts of a company. The company is able to run as good as its customer service. If the customer service is not up to a point, then that would lead to the decline in the customer database. Every RO system company provides the ro service at regular interval. Some of them even include a few free services as a part of the warranty. Only the skilled technicians are sent from the company for the service work to ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

How to choose the right RO system?

In this modern age of digital era, the information about anything can be easily availed by a single click of the button on a search engine. For example, if you are looking for the purchase of an RO system, then all you need to do is type some relevant keywords on the search engine, and the instant result would be displayed.

Once the results are displayed, you should check them all; see their specifications, technical aspects, the customer reviews and the testimonials. That would make it easier to shortlist the systems and can easily choose the one that fits the desired requirement. These days, one can easily purchase an RO from the online retailers as well. There are plenty of e-commerce websites which offer a good deal of offers and schemes, and as a result, one can avail financial benefit as well.

RO system is essential as it is very beneficial for the purpose of drinking clean water on a daily basis. When they were the first to launch, only the large companies and commercial plants used to use it, but now it is becoming a household product. There are often certain amounts of dirty sediments, harmful bacteria in the tap water, so it is necessary to have a purification system in place which can make sure that such harmful segments do not come in the water flow. The reverse osmosis process would ensure that all the unwanted particles are trapped, and only the purified water is availed.

It is recommended that the regular servicing of the RO system should be undertaken so that there would be no health issues caused due to the bad quality of water.  

Essential Tips That Will Help In Choosing The Right Business Location For Your Company

When you plan to launch your business in the market, it is important to find the right location so that you can strategically position your business in the market as well as enhance its visibility. The image of your company is closely associated with the location which makes it all the more crucial to choose the right location.

Especially when you are the hospitality industry or retail business, you need to think from the point of the view of the customers. If you buy a retail space in an industrial area, it won’t fascinate buyers, and you would register lesser footfalls. On the other hand, if you deal in the B2B sector, the location of the company will not be as crucial.

If you are looking for commercial units for lease in gurgaon or any other place, here’s a look at some essential tips for choosing the right place for your company:

Needs of your business
Before choosing the location, the first thing to be considered is what your business needs. You need to determine if you are in a business where you need access to natural resources or open space, or you are in an industry where the customers will be visiting you frequently. You must also consider if your business is into chemicals or makes excess noise which may fall under zoning restrictions. Make a list of your business needs and choose the location accordingly.

Research on the local community
Before you decide a location, it is better to get some information about the history of the place. You can read the newspapers, talk with local people, or get some information from the library. You must also talk to other small business entrepreneurs from that area and try to ask if their business is succeeding or they faced in challenges. You can also take their opinion if they feel your business can succeed there.

Infrastructure and facilities
Before choosing the location for your business, try to evaluate the location on certain parameters such as infrastructure, connectivity with major areas, availability of transportation facilities, strong network facilities, etc. These are some of the essentials for a business to grow and succeed, and you can’t compromise on any of them.

Competition may not be a matter of concern for some businesses, but for others, it can be a crucial factor affecting their success and growth. If you are in the internet business, you can survive with other brands in the same building, but if you have a retail business or a restaurant, your business will get affected. Before choosing the location, find out if you would be in a position to gain enough market share. You need to perform a competitive analysis along with the scope of competitors.

Assessment of building
Before signing the contract, take a tour of the building and have a look at how old is the building, what is the condition of the roof. You must also find out if the building will be able to support your technological needs.

If you stay in Gurgaon, you can find out the right lease for commercial property in Gurgaon with the help of the above-mentioned considerations.