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Are Anabolic Steroids and Body Building Supplements Safe to Use?

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When a six packed guy pass by with open admiration, a lot of people will turn their heads especially women after see them. Heads will also turn when a big bellied guy passes by not with admiration but disgust. Mostly such people will have difficulties in breathing and walking, some will even feel sorry for them. But take the skinny ones not many would want to take a second look that is if they notice that such a person has passed by.

Skinny people are often thought yet others do not even want to involve themselves in any kind of sport, as the athletic type. The thinking is 'I am fine the way I am' thinking that they would live longer compared with the pot bellied ones. It doesn't matter what kind of look people give you the bottom line is what kind of picture do you want to project to people and what do you want for yourself. You don't want, that’s why you really don't have to stay in a shape. There is always a way that you can change your physique whether to build up or trim down for the better of course.

Most people bear in mind that steroid as magical chemical, which will help in instant body building and muscular development. There is lot of chemistry working behind the usage of this element, though steroids are used for these purposes by many a people around the world. You will have to go into the depths, in order to get a perfect idea about these permanent changes of your body. 

Many types of steroid are beings in the world. Three main types are commonly used, among them. Corticosteroids are the main among this. These types are generally prescribed by doctors for many ailments. These are associated with adrenal complex, which influences much process in body including the metabolism and water balance. It is also responsible for the functioning of the kidneys and the functioning of the cardiovascular system, bones. Doctor’s also prescribed it for inflammation and itching in the body. These are present in many creams and body lotions also. It causes permanent changes of the body. There is another common type is the steroid pills including androgens. Androgens are also called as testosterone; they are responsible for the male sex characteristics. Teenagers used it for their lean muscle growth. It is used for body building alone and many common people consider that steroids including androgens are the only steroids. 

There is a misconception that these drugs are used for medication. It is used for treating diseases like breast cancer and also stimulates the growth of red blood cells, muscle growth, weight gain etc. You can buy steroids for performance enhancement, but it is considered as illegal in most countries. Once you are aware of the types of steroids, you should learn the effect of steroid son your body. Steroid also has two kinds of effects in the body, like any medication steroid. The first one is therapeutic effect, with which you will get your disease healed. On the other hand, it will have certain non therapeutic effects which are called as side effects. When you take steroid then it will reach the liver through the intestines, and then get mixed with the blood. In the blood the cells will receive this and make essential proteins to fight the disease.


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