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What Plants to Grow in a Villa Garden

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Bangalore being the hot spot for those looking to settle down in an urban set up, the real estate industry in the city is flourishing in an unprecedented manner. While the city is expanding with more and more IT companies and corporate pooling in more people, the need for finding a suitable shelter has also become crucial with a limited space. Apartments and flats are the only solution that can serve the purpose of accommodating this increasing population.
However, there are many people who still prefer living in an independent house. These buyers therefore are nowadays looking for villa plots in north Bangalore, which provides them a satisfaction of living in a home of their own despite being only 4 or 5 cents. These people also find satisfaction by indulging in gardening in the available area. This is one of the reasons why plots for sale in international airport road in gated communities are being enquired by many and buyers who are willing to make such plots in their name are many.

A major setback of urbanisation is fast decreasing green cover that is in turn affecting the environment in a negative manner. In this situation planting some plants in the available area, even though in a small scale will add to the process of reviving the atmosphere.
Growing miniature or dwarf varieties of plants, fruits or vegetables will not only serve the purpose in the best manner but will also prove to be bountiful. Filling terracotta pots with some citrus varieties of fruit plants, roses, ornamental grasses, sage, Pomegranate, etc will give a sunny side to the home.
Dedicating an area for seasonal flowers will make it filled with flowers of different colours throughout the year. Plants that grow in a linear manner are advisable as those spreading its stems will take up a lot of area. Growing shrubs is also an intelligent idea. Leaf lettuce, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers do not grow much but are also useful as they provide pesticide free veggies and at the same time also look beautiful.
Low-care succulents that can store water in their fleshy stems are the best option if watering is a problem. However, these plants need a good 2-4 hours of direct sunlight. Growing indoor plants that can also be placed in a shady area outside the villa in mobile containers will be helpful as they can be moved from inside if necessary and at the same time will also survive outside for a couple of days.
Building a window box for planting the herbs is a good idea that will provide pure organic produce and also add up to the greenery around the villa. They can be placed in a convenient spot where watering can be properly done. However, it should be ensured that pests are kept out. Stacking or creating tiers is also an innovative idea to maximise the use of the available space and at the same time plants as many shrubs or plants required.
Hitting the creative note in you before throwing the used cans and containers can make you convert them into pots that can be used to grow small ornamental plants. They look unique and also prevent these cans from being thrown away that can add to the waste materials. These can also be arranged in a small area.
Steps and railing are also creatively used to plant something. The entrance can be given a fresh look by arranging pots in one side along the stairs with ornamental flowers. Innovative techniques can also be used to hang small containers with shrubs along the railings of the stairs.
Lastly, growing vegetables in grow bags is the best option that can be done in the available space yet will also yield the desired output.

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