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Personalities and how each one of it is unique

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7,610,540,800 this is the number of human beings that live on earth. As staggering as that number is, no two human beings are alike, which makes all 7 billion of us unique, each with their own mind-set and mentality. Although each may differ in unique ways it has not stopped people from studying the wonder that is the human mind.   

People since the ancient times have carefully observed humans and studied them closely. Greeks were the first to document such studies. The term philosopher, which means the lover of wisdom, was derived from all the studies the Greeks conducted on people and their behaviour. Over the course of the years, studies on human mind have evolved considerably and psychologists are now very adept to deal with many different types of people. 

For better understanding the human psyche has been carefully segmented into parts psychologists can analyse. Such a degree of enhancement in the studies has shed new light on how much stress people undergo in many phases of their lives. Not just physical stress but more of a mental stress, that people are routinely subject to in their educational or work lives. This consistent pressure and strain have led to companies and educational institutions to adopt various types of testing methods to yield results on what is affecting people.
Personality or psychometric tests as it is widely referred to as is now a part of almost every testing scheme in companies. A personality assessment inventory helps employers decide which tests to conduct and which ones would yield great results on their employees.  An evaluation of this type can help companies decide many things. From job roles to an employee’s mind-set, psychometrics gives a very detailed and varied set of results. 

Job role is important for an employee, it specifies what their job is in the team and what tasks they have to accomplish. Giving a clear designation and assigning a role is very important for better functioning and higher performance. Over time some employees tend to grow out of their originally assigned roles and are suited to take up better and more advanced tasks. Psychometrics help analyse how employees think and if their mind-set has changed over time. Employers can then decide whether to give the employees a better job role or switch it up entirely to get more production value out of the employee. 

Its most important task is to help analyse whether the employee is in the right mental state or not. The stresses that one faces on a daily basis can be very harmful to their health and sanity. Taking the right steps and measure to figure out the problems an employee faces, can only extend their working life with the company. Positive steps taken up by the organization helps the employee keep their trust with them and encourage them to work for them for a long period of time. a company that listens to their employees is the best kind and these values are what every candidate looks for in a company.


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