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Trends in 2019 that can make huge impact in the fashion industry

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These several fashion companies have adopted the latest technology and going hand to hand to benefit from it. Moreover, they are witnessing steep decline in physical shop traffic. At the same time, they are also searching for ways to re-evaluate store networks, reduce store operating expenses and to come with innovative ideas to enhance in-store experience of customers and to attract them. The departmental stores for example has recently witnessed drastic drop in sales volume and mall closures in the future are only evident. Sluggish sales combined with desire to control brand presentation and improve margins, customer data and markdowns are only causing brands to choose direct to consumer models. 

Top 2019 trends to be noticed in the global fashion segment

• Globalization reboot: Globalization according to the experts is not likely to stall, although there is noticed rise of isolationist rhetoric, reshoring and nationalism. The new globalization phase has been characterized with cross-border bandwidth exponential growth, combined with digital data flows and connectivity that is expected to alter the playing field and to provide players with competitive edge. There are expected to emerge more new funded Apparel companies in United-States.

• Predictably unpredictable: The normal is considered to be unpredictability, economic uncertainty and geopolitical turmoil. Executives and fashion companies are expected to be more nimble and vigilant to adapt with the ever-changing environment. Also, they are to focus upon directing their energies and time towards things in their own control. 

• Getting personal: Curation and Personalization is likely to become much more important to customers. With customer values circling around individuality and authenticity, data needs to be valued by brands, so as to customize recommendations, to personalize experiences and engage influencers. The flourishing fashion companies will re-focus more on its strengths. 

• Platforms first: Online platforms are to be seen increasingly by customers as their initial search point due to its relevance, huge offering and convenience. Be it premium, specialist or mass, platforms will grow huge. Fashion brands will be compelled to find out new ways and means to reach clients and engaged them with powerful sales channels. ‘If’ is no more the question of the time, but ‘how’ the big online platforms are to be collaborated with. 

• Growth of AI: Artificial Intelligence possibilities are to be explored by the leading innovators across fashion value chain to come up with new ways to create value for those who are employed in this industry. It is beyond traditional machine task areas that AI enhancements are likely to move beyond into customer interaction and creative processes, thus blurring the line that exists between creativity and technology. 

• Mobile obsessed: With mobile becoming the favorite shopping tool for consumers, end to end transaction is also expected to move towards mobile phones. There are present numerous mobile payment solutions globally through which fashion companies can now cater consumers with convenient mobile transactions. 

The above are few of the trends to be noticed in the coming year out of the many that are emerging, thus providing opportunity to new Apparel business companies in United-States.

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