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When back surgery is the only option?

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Suffering from backaches? Well, you are not the only one who is suffering from chronic pain. If you look around, you would find that there are many others who are living in this pain. In most cases, people try to undergo surgery to get rid of chronic pain and everyday hardships. However, the final decision of undertaking or undergoing a back surgery comes only after trying all sorts of non-surgical options by Florida back surgery doctor.

However, if the pain persists, it clearly means that it is due to some kind of mechanical problem in the spinal cord which might require to be operated. In such cases, you need to talk with your Florida back surgery doctor regarding a surgery which can help you to reduce the amount of pain. There are a number of procedures which can be undertaken for treating spine and back related problems. However, before you go in for the decision if undergoing surgery, you need to know about some of the facts. 

All back pain do not require Surgery
As per the Florida back surgery doctors, all types of back pain do not require surgery or laser treatment. In order to ease the pain, the patients can also make use of various physical therapies, injections, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications like the ibuprofen, heat therapy and even Ice packs. As per researches and study, undergoing regular exercise can also help you to handle the issue of back pain. 

Unless your spinal cord gets any serious injury, it is better not to go in for spine surgery. Majority surgeons prefer other treatments above surgery in this case. However, there can be certain conditions where you have no other choice but to get back surgery done. An orthopedic surgeon usually suggests for operation in cases like:

• In case you have got a slipped disk which is not getting back to its position with external treatments.

• In the case of bone spurs. This situation is usually observed in the patients of arthritis. Bone spurs come up on the spine which puts in the pressure on the spinal cord.

• Under the condition of stenosis. It is a special degenerative spinal condition in which the protective bony canal present around the spinal cord gets affected and starts narrowing making the spinal cord weak.

• In the case where the chronic pain is staying stagnant which is creating trouble in using hands for working of legs for walking. 

• If the patient loses control over his urinary bladder or has no control over bowels due to improper functioning of the nerves present in the back, surgery becomes a requirement. 

• In case of infection in the spine leading to high fever with severe back pain, surgery is important for treating the condition.

• Spinal surgery is important for re-positioning the broken or dislocated bone of the neck. 

• In conditions like a tumor in the spinal cord. 

However, simply considering these points is not enough. You need to talk with the surgeon and learn about all the available options before saying a 'yes’ to surgery. 

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