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The Importance of Exercising your Dog Daily

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Daily exercising brings benefits to everyone, including your dog.

Don’t just let your dogs be. They need to be fit, just like you.

The importance of daily exercises can’t be over-stressed. That being said, you do need to know when your pal’s tiring out. Every dog is different. Plus, you shouldn’t look at physical stimulation alone. Your dog needs to work its brain cells too to keep them mentally sharp.

The Top Reasons Your Dog Needs to Exercise!

Here is why your dog needs a little bit of exercise every day.

    1. Reduces anxiety.
Remember that time when your dog was feeling all restless and anxious and you were finding it hard to deal with? Daily exercising can help your dog manage his anxiety and heat better. It will save you a lot of trouble, believe me.

    2. Gives them an outlet for their pent up energy
I am sure you wouldn’t want your dog to scratch and bite the furniture. It’s easy for your pet to get fidgety, especially if they have been kept in the room for a long while.

Just take them out for an hour every day. You will see that your dog’s biting and scratching habits wouldn’t be the same.

Daily exercises give your dog a purpose and helps them relieve their built-up energy.

    3. Will help your bud be healthy.
According to an estimate, 50-60% of dogs in Canada are overweight. What can being overweight lead to? The answer is heart and respiratory problems, arthritis, and high blood pressure. Daily exercising won't let your dog go overweight.

    4. Slows down aging
According to a study, overweight dogs age faster compared to their healthy peers. Daily exercises ensure that your dog stays healthy and does not act like a six-year-old when he is only four.

    5. Strengthens your bond
Who doesn't want their dog or pet to love them? The more your pal engages with you in their daily activities, the better the bond develops between you two. It will also make your dog obedient, which is an obedient bonus.    

Daily exercises have benefits that you can’t overlook. Interestingly, getting your dog to do daily exercise is not as difficult as it seems. If your pet doesn’t want to go out, try taking them out for daily walk and jog. Play frisbee with him in your spare time – it’s sure to get him hooked.

Don’t have time? Leave it to the Experts!

Worried how you could take time off your busy schedule? You don’t have to worry.

Dog walking experts in Toronto can take your friend out for a walk, every day. You can choose between different walking packages for your pet. Go for an hour-long one or one for as little as thirty minutes – you know your pal the best.  Even if you are out on a work trip, you can count on puppy visits downtown Toronto experts to help you out.

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