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Commonly asked questions about Bedbugs

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Do you think you have a bed bug infestation in your home?
Bedbugs are the most common kinds of pests that can infest your home, especially the most intimate of all spaces in your bedroom. Here's everything you need to know about bedbugs and the answers to most frequently asked questions about them.

How to know if you have bed bugs at home?
The most common signs of bed bugs include the red stains that might end on your bed once you've rolled over them. You can also spot their shed skin around your sleeping area as well as excrement stains around mattresses and walls in some cases. If the number of bed bugs is high, you might also be able to smell their odor in your room.

How do the bed bugs spread?
Bed bugs don't easily spread across the residence but can travel inside your home through pipes and wires with ease. You won't have to worry about the bugs around your dog as they don't get attached to the pet. However, if the bed bugs somehow get transferred into your luggage or suitcase, you will end up carrying them to the next place you sleep at.

How can one get rid of bed bugs?
Integrated pest management is one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs from your home. In this case, an expert from our organization BBPP will come to your home and make it uninhabitable for the bugs for a long time. They will find the bugs out of their hiding places and eliminate them as well. However, if the bugs have spread all over your home, you might need a bed bug heat treatment to get rid of them.

What is the heat treatment?
Similar to its name, the bed bug heat treatment involves getting rid of the bed bugs in your apartment with heat. The most common methods to kill bed bugs with heat can include steaming procedures in your bedroom, placing the infected products in hot boxes, putting the infected clothes in dryers or raising the central heat of your home to a level that can kill bed bugs. However, after eliminating the bed bugs in your home, you must have an integrated pest management treatment as well, otherwise, the bugs can return after some time.

Are the bites from bed bugs painful?
The bed bug bites aren't painful in nature but can cause skin inflammation which can be very discomforting. You may end up over-scratching the bitten area and also harm yourself as a result. However, one's reaction to bed bugs depends upon the sensitivity of their skin.

If bed bugs have infected your home, BBPP offers expert Bedbugs removal & extermination services in Mississauga to get rid of them. We can help make your home pest free – with a guarantee of 90 days. Subscribe to our annual package and be pest and rodent free – all through the year!

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