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5 Handy tips for Homeowners to maintain Roofs

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 Your home’s roof top is a big deal, and even if you try to ignore the fact that it might require to be repaired or replaced, you’ll have to face it when it comes time to sell or when problems start to crop up. Roof maintenance is important for increased lifespan. Let us look at some of the handy tips: 

1. Clean Your Gutters
Homeowners are well aware of this chore that pops up on the spring checklist. Cleaning your gutters twice or thrice a year will not only keep your gutter system in good shape, but it will also enhance the life of your roof. When leaves sum up in the gutters, they can cradle water and often wick it upwards into roof sheathing and rafters. The chore doesn’t take much time and once you get the hang of it, it will be in snap of fingers, just ensure you have someone down below to spot you as you maneuver around the gutter system.

2. Remove Algae and Moss
Moss may seem harmless, but its growth can actually damage your roof a lot. If you want go for a good Roof maintenance, then performing an inspection and occasional moss removal procedure is going to extend its longevity and prevent losses from occurring. Moss absorbs moisture, and you don’t want any moisture near your home’s structure because it leads to things like weakening in the structure and integrity. Always refer to an environmentally safe pesticide to remove the moss.

3. Schedule a Roof Inspection
A qualified roof inspector will be certified in certain tests and examinations of roofs that can detect underlying damages. You can hire an inspector by calling your trusted local roofing company.

4. Prune Overhanging Branches
Branches that affect your roof can be devastating to the shingles, and if you don’t fix it right away, snow can seep in through with cracks. Do yourself a favor by hiring a professional tree service company to remove the branches that are close to your home, your roof won’t regret it ever.

5. Ensure the Roof is Ventilated
If you’re buying a home it’s important that you ensure the roof is built to breathe. Without the right ventilation, your roof rafting and sheathing will rot because the heat and moisture gets trapped within. The roof materials will hence buckle and bend and the insulation will not be as effective as it should be.. This will introduce many problems to your home.

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