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Duties of a Closing attorney

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Your application to a lender for a home mortgage loan leads you inevitably to the closing lawyer’s office. You obviously must have questions as to what the role of the closing attorney is, what tasks the Closing Lawyer Boca will perform and what will take place at the closing. Although the closing attorney, broadly speaking, represents the lender in the mortgage transaction, it is the practice of all closing attorneys in Boca to be as helpful as they can to assist borrowers in the mortgage loan transaction. The closing attorney's primary function is to take care of all arrangements necessary to close the lender's transaction for mortgage. 

The closing attorney aligns all of the efforts outside of the loan approval process that permits the closing to take place. Sometimes issues may come up regarding the record title to a property. If there be title issues, difficulties in a sale transaction, or issues concerning inaccuracy, the closing person tries to keep the seller and the borrower or buyer informed and is accessible to answer basic questions. 

 The closing attorney tries to address the title issues and disputes, most of the times without any additional fees. This usually sees that the mortgage transaction or the sale of the property proceeds forward to close with the borrowers being satisfied with the resultant outcome.Our Closing Lawyer Boca offer one-stop processing of the closing. 

The closing fees quoted to you by the lender include a plenty of items and services. Many of those services are performed immediately by the closing attorney's office for the benefit of the buyer or borrower, seller, lender and the real estate agent. These include the following.

1. Title Abstract:
The statement that provides an overview of the physical review of the title to the property equipped from the records of the Registries of Deeds and Probate, bankruptcy and tax matters where available.

2. Mortgage Survey Plan:
2. Also known as a plot plan, this is a tape measure survey of the land to be mortgaged in order to find out that it was not in violation of zoning and that no buildings or improvements encroach upon the property. This work is performed by a certified land surveyor and is reviewed by the closing attorney.

3. Municipal Lien Certificate:
Prepared by the tax collector in the city where the property lies, this paper shows all outstanding tax and municipal utility liens and is reviewed by the closing lawyer Boca in order to prepare the settlement statement.

4. Title Insurance:
The lender requires a loan policy of title insurance for the amount in order to defend their interests from issues relating to the property’s title that could not be discovered from an exam of the record of the title.

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