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Type of Work accident law suits you need to know

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Thousands of workers are injured on the job, and largely hundreds die, each year in work-related mishaps, mentions the state of federal statistics. In most of the cases, these injuries and accidents are preventable if not for the negligence of an employer or by a third party.

Some industries can be more unsafe than others. Maritime, oil and gas, construction, rail, trucking, long-shore, refinery, manufacturing and other types of workers face risks every day on the job when they work with hefty equipment, wild chemicals, or intense conditions.

 Some common causes of work-related accidents consider:

  • Failure to maintain equipment
  • Lack of proper safety gear
  • Falling objects
  • Chemical exposure
  • Industrial fires and explosions
  • Inadequate staffing
  • Inadequate worker training
  • Failure to comply with OSHA or other regulatory norms

When a worker is blistered on the job, workers’ compensation may come up with some benefits, including coverage of medical costs and partial compensation of lost earning capacity. Nevertheless, workers’ compensation doesn’t cover everything an injured worker might lose because of a work-related misadventure.

Our Work AccidentLaw Firm Fort Lauderdale has an extensive experience handling a wide range of work accident cases in many types of industries and workplaces. We can handle cases engaging:

  1. Maritime Accidents — groups working on ships, vessels, offshore drilling rigs, or in port can undergo unique hazards, but they also may have alternatives for compensation under unique maritime laws that permit injured workers to sue their employers or other negligent parties.
  2. Motor Vehicle Accidents — When a third party is negligent in causing a motor vehicle mishap, a worker who is injured on site may be able to sue the negligent driver for compensation.
  3. Construction Accidents — Construction sites represent a number of hazards because of the nature of the work and equipment involved.
  4. Petrochemical Accidents — Petrochemical plants and refineries may be prone to fires or explosions that can result in slanderous catastrophic or fatal injuries.
  5. Defective Machinery Accidents — When heavy equipment is defective or poorly up kept, workers may undergo traumatic brain injuries, amputations, crushed limbs, broken bones, spine injuries, paralysis, or other injuries.
  6. Industrial Accidents — Industrial workplaces can present any number of fatal risks to employees, especially when employers or other parties are negligent in holding up equipment or enforcing safety standards.
  7. Loading Dock & Warehouse Accidents — Accidents encompassing cranes, forklifts, and bulky cargo can cause serious, life-altering events.

This is just a sample of the types of work accidents our skilled team of our Work Accident Law Firm Fort Lauderdale can handle. If you’ve been hurt in a work-related incident reasoned by the negligence of a third party, we can fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. We accomplish skilled and knowledgeable representation that includes performing a thorough investigation into the cause of your accident, distinguishing and pursuing all liable parties, and fighting for the maximum possible recovery in your suit. We interpret that injured workers experience financial stress because of medical costs and lost wages while they recover. We offer a free consultation and you pay us nothing unless we are able to acquire compensation in your case.

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