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Memories Wrapper: Collection of photos

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Welcome to the parenthood to all the new parents. Having a baby in your life changes it drastically. Life becomes more beautiful and eventful. All the new parents want to capture every moment with their bundle of joy and chooses photo shoots as a source of capturing those loving moments. 

The new-born and baby photo shoots thane has become popular. Almost all the new parents living in thane are now planning for baby shoots. These type of shoots include pose capture, lifestyle and macro shoots. These shoots are generally conducted during the first few of birth, naming ceremony, when baby starts crawling, walking and generally ends with first birthday. New born shoots can come with many surprises. Mostly pictures are captured according to baby’s mood but not by making them to pose forcefully. To get perfect pictures while baby is moving, spinning or playing set the shutter speed accordingly.  While conducting shoot with infants, there are some basic tips to make pictures look as natural as possible which are listed below:-

  1. Make children feel comfortable and then you can go to get the best in terms of postures from their side 
  2. Capture pictures according to their postures. 
  3. Try to keep their fists open even if it is slightly difficult. This helps picture to be more natural. 
  4. Take the pose pictures mostly when baby is asleep and mouldable easily. 
  5. Always see that there’s enough natural light while capturing.

There are many photo studios that provide you the baby shoot services in thane. They provide variety of shoot themes. They offer different type of shoot services like pose shoot, life style shoot, macro shoot, family shoot and much more. Pose shoot includes different pictures of baby in different poses. This is shoot is generally carried out when the baby is asleep and easily mouldable. While baby is sleeping, it becomes easy to make baby to pose. Sleeping babies are a treat to watch and capturing those moments leaves us memorable memories. Life style shoot includes capturing the activities a baby does generally like playing with their legs, walking around, crawling, laughing, grinning, etc. It is the time where one can capture a lot of facial expressions of a baby. Macro shots involve close up shots of the baby. In general terms, they can be called as candid shots. 

These generally cover baby’s tiny feet, fingers, closed wrists, smile, ears, etc.   They all can be done individually or together. To complete an entire shoot, it may take 4-5 hrs in a day including the general breaks for feeding and fresh up for babies. To get the pictures perfectly they try to capture as many pictures as possible in life style shoot. As baby keeps on moving, it becomes hard to capture single image perfectly. They also give a pre shoot guidelines for parents on precautions to be taken during shoot. Location of the shoot would be mostly client’s house.

Baby shoot requires lot of patience and knowledge of all angles where a picture can be captured from. They are professionalbaby photographers in thane, and they try to cover all possible angles during shoot. They promise the best collection of memories to be captured naturally and perfectly. They also provide different types of album designs and themes for shoot.


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