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Find out if methandienone 10mg is enough for bodybuilding

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Bodybuilders are not new to taking androgenic anabolic steroids for getting fast results in obtaining muscle bulging. Since many decades, they have been taking certain steroids to help them with recuperating faster after a heavy workout session. In fact, they have been taking such medications even without any medical supervision. Although such steroids may provide some short-term benefits, it must be noted that extreme caution is necessary while taking them because they could trigger many side effects. Although there are a lot of anabolic steroids especially for muscle enhancement purposes, methandienone is the most commonly used one because using Methandienone is known to expedite the building up of muscle.

When the anabolic steroid methandienone was tested during the 1960s and 1970s, the weight lifters and body builders who were subjected to the test reported improved energy and strength. Further, it was reported that they developed muscle mass quickly. As a result, it was later confirmed that using methandienone has physical as well as a psychological effect on the person. After the news of such a steroid spread, many resorted to using it for their needs. It is to be mentioned that the effect of this androgenic anabolic steroid varies from person to person even if the same dosage is consumed. This is because the result of the use depends on the body condition and health of the user. Hence many body builders resorted to taking it in dosages much higher than the prescribed quantity to obtain the desired results. To this day, bodybuilders continue to take steroids in quantities that are not allowed.

Are 10 mg pills of methandienone enough to build an impressive body?

This is a million dollar question that body builders wish to know the answer for. Before coming to that, it is good to know that this androgenic anabolic steroid is available in several doses. Most commonly it is found in 2.5 mg and 5 mg dosages which are used by doctors for prescription purposes. These days, it is also available as 10 mg pills which are used by body builders. This dosage is enough for most users and is helpful in excretion of nitrogen from muscle tissues. It is also capable of binding with receptors in muscle, fat and reproductive tissues and helps in the reduction of body fat and enlargement of muscle mass. However, body builders contemplating faster and better results take more than 10 mg. Many take a dosage of 30 mg. Some use it stacked with esters like testosterone propionate, enanthate, Deca-Durabolin and cypionate. To avoid the possibility of liver damage, it is combined with other drugs also. But it is quite dangerous to administer them without any consultation.

Health risks in consumption of methandienone:

Also known as Dianabol, this AAS can cause several heart problems due to damage that it causes to the left ventricle. Apart from that, it can cause gynecomastia, testicular atrophy in men and severe masculinization in women. It can also damage the liver without any indications. Hence it is necessary to be cautious while using this steroid.


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