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The human resources industry pegs itself as one of the most dynamic industries in the world- requiring the right kind of education, alongside intrinsic communication skills and networking capabilities. To have a successful career in HR, it is vital to be prepared for the ever-changing needs of the role, and also possess the sense of planning to show the initiative to develop their skills independently as well.

Traditionally, the entry level for a position such as HR Assistant only asks for four or five GCSEs as the minimum requirements, provided that the candidate has some prior HR experience to give them perspective on the job. Positions such as HR Officer will require more qualifications such as the HNC/HND or a university degree, alongside solid networks they may have access to for resources and information.

With the increase in competition in the recent years, majority of the HR roles expect us to hold a degree in any discipline. Qualifications in its native streams, however, are always given preference- HR Management, Psychology, MBA, etc. but these are not considered pre-requisites. Hence, one of the outstanding features of the industry is its ease of opportunity access rather than requiring extensive qualifications to get past the various barriers of entry.

It is important to note that hr certifications and hr qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) are essential for anyone who wishes to pursue a more senior role in their organization, and intend to move up in the industry, in the long run. These qualifications are used in conjunction with one’s professional experience to solidify an individual as an accomplished HR professional with working knowledge of the current developments in HR and is dedicated to committing practices that advance their own careers and that of their industry.

There are other courses like the Certificate of Personnel Practice (CPP) or CIPD accredited NVQs to the Post Graduate Diploma in HR or a M. Sc./ MA in HR which are recommended for anyone interest in the industry, from an industry veteran to a hopeful applicant, all might find relevant knowledge, expertise and experience from these courses that lead towards a brighter future. Many of these have the option of part-time instruction or even long distance education, which are all viable options in this day and age.

As with any field of work, practical HR experience in any commercial environment will give you a good insight into how organizations operate. Make speculative applications to companies with large HR departments directly and volunteer for an unpaid work placement by. All the qualifications in the world can’t make up for getting your foot in the door and showing them what you can do. In the end, it is understanding and honing your own personal strengths and balancing your ambitions accordingly.

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