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No Frills and Inexpensive Ways to Jazz Up the Workplace

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Have you ever wondered why your office seems to look awkward? It is not ugly but you know it can be improved dramatically. Perhaps you made bad decisions as far as designing it concerned. Your office should be the window of your business’ nature and your workforce’s culture. However, if you think it is not what it is, then it is time to do a make-over.

Knowing why your office looks like an interior design disaster is the first step you should take if you want to improve its design, layout, and aesthetics. Below are some of the reasons why an office can turn into an interior design nightmare.

1. Not following the designer’s recommendations – The reason why you hire an interior designer is for your office to be designed in a way that it will not look awkward, but if you fail to follow his or her recommendations, you can expect that your office design will go downhill from there.

2. Investing on substandard items – If you buy furniture items like office chairs and desks that are of poor quality, chances are, they will break anytime soon, which can compromise your office’s general layout and design. This is why it is important to invest on quality products like office chairs and desks, they may cost more, but you are assured of their durability.

3. Not having a theme – Your office’s design should follow a theme, a theme that will represent the company’s nature of business and culture. If your business follows a laid-back principle, then the office’s design should show it, and this means more playful colors, quirky elements and whatnot. However, if you are in an uptight and serious industry, then your office should have a more formal theme and design.

Office make-over should be done in an organized and systematic manner. This means everyone should get involved by playing a particular role. As the company owner, you should lead the initiative for the make-over. You may want to follow these tips for a more organized office make-over:

1. Set a realistic budget – An office renovation, renovation, or make-over requires a hefty amount of money. Hence, it is important that you allocate sufficient money for the project. Creating a budget plan that will cover the project from start to finish is a must in order to ensure that your company will not go over the budget. Your budget will cover all the expenses, from materials and supplies, to designs and services like flower delivery, construction, and planning.

2. Hire a design expert and skilled construction team – When you hire an interior designer, be sure to follow his or her recommendations since he or she has the expert say on the project. Your designer will serve as the captain of the office designing, which is why you should hire someone who has extensive experience in designing office spaces. Additionally, you should hire contractors and workers with years of experience in office construction works to ensure that the project will be done the way it should be.

3. Listen to your employees’ suggestions – Don’t discount the opinions and suggestions of your employees because they know what the office needs more than anyone else. If they are suggesting that you get the services of flower delivery, you might want to consider it. Since your employees are the ones working for hours, they know what should be removed, improved, and added. Hence, before the construction begins, it is advisable to ask for their recommendations, after all, they will be the ones to use the facility. When your employees’ suggestions are factored in, you can be sure that once the make-over is done, they will be more motivated to work because of the new office atmosphere that complements what they need.


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