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How to protect your hair from harmful effects of pollution

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Protection from harmful effects of pollution is fundamental for long life of your hair. If you feel that the harmful effect of pollution is only restricted to skin then you is mistaken. The hair is reasonable prone to damage from the hot rays of the sun. On careful analysis you will figure out that the hair and the skin are most prone to UV damage. With our hair we can protect by application of sunscreen lotion, but what about our hair.

Covering your hair
When you are outside make a concrete attempt to limit your exposure to air pollution. Cover your hair with a scarf and even you can tie your hair with hair band when you are out. For women with coloured hair this seems to be of utmost importance. With hot rays of the sun the cuticles are prone to damage and this is the main reason for cause of dullness and even dryness. This would be of immense help if you reside in a windy area. Being aware of the climatic conditions where you reside and even the surroundings can combat the negative impact on your hair. The use of ketoconazole shampoo India would be a timely relief at this juncture.

Choice of hair styling products in a careful manner
On regular use of hair styling products like sprays or gels attract dirt on to your hair. In case if you face builds up on your hair strands and scalp it is better to opt for a light weight product.

Do not step out with an oily or wet hair
The moment your hair is wet it would attract dust particles which is going to stick to your hair and then make it dirty.

Application of sunscreen cream or lotion
It is better to invest in a quality sunscreen product in the market as it is going to protect the hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun and even the heat. At the same time the hair is able to retain its shine and texture.

Take steam
You need to opt for a steam once in 10 days as it does helps to open up the pores of your hair and get rid of any deep rooted particles.

Conditioning and shampooing on a regular basis
A general suggestion would be to use a shampoo which is devoid of harsh chemicals. It would clean your hair but at the same time go on to dry the scalp. At the same time it would be really important to keep the hair clean so that the scalp and the hair does not come become oily and then attract dirt. Always resort to the use of Ketomac shampoo hair fall as it proves to be a clinical approved shampoo. This does go on to keep your hair and even your scalp healthy.

A proper hair regime includes have a well-balanced diet. Your diet should be loaded with minerals and vitamins and full of fresh vegetable and fruits.

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