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Patronize Gujarati restaurant in Singapore to taste authentic Gujarati foods

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Gujarati food is well sought after in the culinary circle of India because of its innovative dishes and tastes. The food is not lagging behind in the international list of most liked recipes as it is liberally served in restaurants across the world. If you are of Gujarati or Indian origin living in Malaysian peninsula a Gujarati restaurant in Singapore is what you need to whet your thirst for this ethnic food culture. Living in Singapore has its advantages and the restaurant is one of them as you can always eat out to spend an enchanting evening or get it delivered at your doorstep.

Sweet, sour and spicy Gujarat
Gujarati recipes are delightful mixture of sweet, sour and spicy and some of the top dishes would include the very popular Dhokla, Fafda, Khandvi and Gujarati Kadhi. The bouquet will also include sweets like Shrikhand, Aam Shrikhand and a horde of Gujarati sweetmeats. When you visit the restaurant you can also expect delightful full meals served on Thalis consisting of variety of Gujarati dishes.  If you are not aware what makes up the Gujarati dishes, it is predominantly gram flour based and curd or yoghurt is used liberally to add the tanginess. The food is also scientifically provided to be immensely health oriented as it can easily rehydrate bodies and keep them in healthy condition. The Gujarati restaurant in Singapore will also serve a cornucopia of spicy and savory chutneys and pickles for easy digestion. It is going to be an out of the world experience as the food is a great mixture of sweet and sour and is suitable for all wakes, genre and ages.     

Convenient for Indian visitors
Some of the Indian livings in foreign lands face the difficulty of finding authentic Gujarati cuisine of their choice.  It is especially so with people visiting the cosmopolitan city on business or pleasure trips. But your travel agent can point it out to you or a little search on the internet will reveal the restaurant location to you. Not many people coming from the sub-continent are meat eaters and for them it is great solace that Singapore has restaurants that serve Gujarati and other Indian foods items that are vegetarian. Gujarati menus are liberally laced with sugar and curd which is a fantastic combination good for taste buds and bodily well being. Other notable food recipe of Gujarat origin will include Fafda, Dal Dhokli, Handvo, and thepla which are great snacks for both casual and important occasions.

Food for all wakes
Gujarati foods are strictly traditional and have been in circulation for centuries without losing flavor and taste. Once you get accustomed to eating the food items you cannot resist going for a second or third time to a restaurant. Whether you reside in Singapore and a regular resident or an occasional visitor to the island country you will always find the restaurants convenient for continuing your Gujarati way of eating.  As a resident you can always book these restaurants to cater to important occasions like wedding, birthday parties and other social gatherings.

For eating the finest Gujarati delicacies and call Shivam Restaurant on number (65) 6908 2966 and we will also deliver your choice at your doorsteps in Singapore. We, Shivam restaurant is the best in serving the ethnic food here.

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