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Eat in the Best restaurant in Biopolis to get authentic ethnic foods

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If you are familiar with the Singapore map then you must also know what Biopolis is. For those who are not aware, Biopolis is a hub for research of Biomedical Sciences and obviously and is situated at one-North of Buona Vista. The center is also close to the National University of Singapore and the biomedical research and development center takes the credit of putting Singapore on the international map of medical science and research. There are a total of 7 towers built between 2003 & 2004 and they have become the homes of government agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnological units and public funded research institutions. A horde of pharmaceutical sector companies camping here it is obvious that thousands of employees must be working with them. The complex has some of the amazing lunch and dinner breaks that one can witness as employees belonging to the companies make a beeline for the best restaurant in Biopolis. This is easily said than done because you can’t single out a restaurant that you could hail as the best because there are too many of them.

The research centre within and nearby has many restaurants catering to the breakfast, lunch & dinner needs and some of them have even been contracted to supply food to  employees working in the buildings. However most people prefer to walkout and eat at a restaurant that is nearby.  This commercial hub is a beehive of activity and so are the restaurants that do business here. Biopolis within its belly has about 8 establishments catering to the needs of the occupants and they are 4 restaurants, 4 cafes, a fast food restaurant, child care center, a pub and a 300-seat food court. Though it is sufficient enough to supply to the milling employee crowd it is not sufficient for the taste and inclination of the people working here. Apart from employees, people from outside too come here on business and they would certainly like to eat something different than what is being offered inside the complex.

There are many quality restaurants situated nearby that both insiders and outsiders of the complex can eat and you would find the finest quality food and taste here. There are many top eateries around the complex and some of them are well known in Singapore, namely Nanyang Old Coffee, Little Big Coffee Roasters, Peperoni Pizzeria, Raj Restaurant, Bigmama Korean Restaurant, Tete-a-Tete-Café, Manchurian Club, The Lawn, Pallakkuoly Hawker Treats, Bodacious, Curry Nations and many more. These restaurants serve local, ethnic and continental food     of different nations and origins. This also makes your quest to find the best restaurant in Biopolis rather hard but you have to try if you want to know.

There are many restaurants that offer a variety of food fare and they are located on the Biopolis Road. You can expect these restaurants to serve best foods from a variety of cuisine and style that you would not get anywhere in the high-end streets of Singapore. All you need to do is to find a local directory which lists restaurants here and go to the sections that feature the restaurants near biopolis. This is how you will come across the best restaurant in Biopolis, Singapore or always take a local friend or companion to show you the way.

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