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Organic Baby Wipes: Keep Toxins Out from Your Baby

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The popularity of baby wipes is increasing rapidly especially among the parents because this is the utmost way which keeps your baby clean and healthy. But a lot of parents have switched to organic baby wipes from the traditional wipes to protect the health of their babies. This is because traditional wipes consist of some harsh and lethal chemicals which can cause detrimental effect to the skin of your baby. That’s why these days parents are preferring natural wipes which are made up of natural ingredients. To keep your baby healthy and contented, you can purchase these natural wipes from a reputed organic baby wipes manufacturer who can offer you the products at an affordable price.

Why choose organic baby wipes?
Every parent wants the best for their babies and they never want to compromise with the health of their little ones. Parents are preferring these wipes because they are a healthier option for their children. These natural wipes don’t contain any harmful chemical which can come into contact with the sensitive skin of your baby. Usually, conventional wipes contain several chemicals, fragrances, and other harmful ingredients which can irritate your baby’s skin and may lead to some skin infections or skin rashes. Selecting an organic wipe means your baby will never meet those adverse irritants. These organic wipes give the perfect complement to the diaper and fit properly to your baby. With these natural wipes, you will get a healthier baby which will automatically enhance your happiness.

Here, we are mentioning some harmful ingredients which you should avoid while purchasing a baby wipe for your heartthrob.
  • DMDM Hydantoin: This is a preservative which is often used in baby wipes. This ingredient not only irritate the skin of your little onebut also it is a toxic element which is harmful to the immune system of your baby.
  • Bronopol: This is another popular chemical which is used as a preservative in baby wipes. This chemical also produces negative on your baby’s skin and growing immune system. Moreover, this chemical has given the highest hazard rating by the “Environment Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database because it is capable of producing carcinogens and formaldehyde.
  • SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate): This is also another popular ingredient which is often used in products to produce a foaming quality. This chemical also causes skin, lung, and eye irritation and is also perilous for other organs of the body.
  • Synthetic fragrances: Very often baby wipes contain synthetic fragrances (volatile organic compounds or VOC’s) to attract the attention of the customers. But these VOC’s are responsible for poor indoor air quality and they also cause allergic reactions to your baby’s skin and respiratory systems. So, discard a baby wipe which contains synthetic fragrance rather purchase an organic wipe which contains only natural ingredients.
These are some chemicals that you will find in the traditional baby wipes. But thankfully, the market is crammed with many organic baby wipes which are the best alternatives for the conventional wipes. By choosing an organic wipe, you are not only promoting a healthy life for your baby but also contributing positively towards the mother nature. Always purchase a baby wipe from an established and well-known organic baby wipes manufacturer so that your baby can stay healthy and hygienic.

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