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Anti-Aging Interventions are needed to be more advanced

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Aging has always been a fact of life since it was created. Human beings go through various phases of life from being child to being adult with youth being the best part of life from fitness point of view. Good health and an efficient immune system, along with a sharp memory and a healthy brain are characteristic of an ideal youth. The hormones work at their best capacity during the youth years.

There are scientists who state that most age related changes in the body are due to chronic inflammation. When there occurs a chronic inflammation, the body tissues are eaten away by toxic chemicals, that results in dementia, diabetes, thickening of the arteries, hormonal imbalance and so on. A diet containing nutrients such as fish, fruit and vegetables, particularly berries, along with supplements like alpha lipoic acid are considered helpful.

Functional Anti-Aging Medicine Boca have an objective to maintain or achieve this irrespective of chronological age i.e. to stay healthy and efficient.Anti-aging medicine is an evolved branch of medical science and applied medicinal science. It is used to treat the underlying causes of aging and aims at alleviating any age related ailment. The main goal is to extend the healthy lifespan of humans having youthful characteristics.

Conventional disciplines, in accordance to and alternative medical disciplines are used in an integrated approach to achieve the best possible result for the patient. It is a holistic discipline, seeing the patient as a whole unit and not as someone having an isolated disease.Still another factor complicating government regulatory policy for anti-aging interventions is fundamental disagreement within the scientific community over whether aging is inherently pathological or simply a series of biological processes which enhances vulnerability to diseases.

If aging is not considered as pathological, then interventions that slow or reverse aging would not be therapies but enhancements, like medicines of cosmetic origin.

One measure can be taken to strengthen governmental regulatory oversight through a series of measures. The FDA could be given wider authority to regulate off-label uses of drugs and devices and the practice of Functional Anti-Aging Medicine Boca generally. Along with the FDA , the FTC should also be given greater resources, and the states could direct more of their enforcement efforts at the anti-aging market, that includes Functional Anti-Aging Medicine Boca.

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