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5 exceptional services you can get from cleaning companies

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Cleaning companies nowadays serve various industries other than the traditional home and office. As life gets busier every day, Dubai cleaning companies in particular realising the fact extended their services to cater our daily needs therefore a true blessing. Speaking of cleaning services, here’re a few to name;
  1. Deep cleaning – Home & office
Whether it’s home or office, deep cleaning treatment is crucial at-least once after every two-three months. This is where Dubai cleaning companies excel as you’ll be entertained by professional cleaners geared with industrial-grade tools and solutions promising germfree and spotless interior.
Deep cleaning includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, organising and sanitising almost everything from top to bottom. In short, professional cleaners would ensure no stone’s left unturned. This service is available for both homes and offices in your region as long as included in the service chart of the cleaning company.

  1. Babysitting
A cleaning company doing babysitting sounds weird but this service is especially introduced for the convenience of mothers and working women having smaller children to look after.
Luckily, most Dubai cleaning companies serve this particular niche but you should file a request earlier and provide proper details such as age of the child, day and time you require a babysitter, other important details to consider and so on.
Service charges for this particular niche vary from a company to another as well as day’s schedule. Mothers and working women having smaller children may execute their routine activities hassle-free as their child is in the hands of a professional!
  1. Elder care
Much like babysitting, some cleaning companies also provide elder care service which is much appreciated by individuals having older parents to look after behind them. All you need is requesting the company, book a slot by providing essential details and specific guidelines, meet the elder care professionals if necessary and finalise the service.
  1. Cooking
Believe it or not, cleaning companies also have some of the best cooks to prepare hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner with side lines. This service is exclusive to working individuals living solo. All they need is requesting the company to provide a professional chef, arrange a daily or weekly menu, sort out the payment and get the most of it. You shouldn’t ever worry about preparing meal after a tiring day at work as the table would be fixed much like a fancy restaurant!
  1. Doing the dishes & laundry
This is yet another service niche covered by Dubai cleaning companies! Doing the dishes and laundry is a service apart from the usual dusting, vacuum and mop however can be included in the list for an additional cost. You won’t find a pile of overwhelmingly dirty dishes in the sink or smelly clothes in the room with special dish and laundry cleaning.
The above services are a few out of many others you may request from cleaning companies however, do note that not all serve this line so you should conduct a thorough research to get the best deal.

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